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  • Paul Davidson

Are You Pimpin’?

Everyone these days seems like they’re pimpin’.

Don’t ask me how it happened or when it happened, but it seems like everywhere I go these days I run into a variety of friends and relatives who seem completely comfortable telling me “I’m just pimpin'” when I ask them what’s up or how they’re doing or how they’re weekend was or what’s going on currently at work.

Everyone is pimpin’.

Well, I’m not pimpin’. I’m also not gonna wear my bling-bling or gonna hang with my homies or bust a’ cap in anyone’s ass. I’m not going to use any of this lingo today especially due to the fact that when the white people start using the lingo of the African-American culture, you know it’s just about over anyways. I have run into white friends who love to use Snoop’s -izzle talk and it’s driving me mad. Izzle this and shnizzle that but please, dawg!

Someone said to me the other day, and I’m not kidding: “Yo, homie. Yeah, I’m just pimpin’, getting these year-to-date finanicals wrapped up — gotta get ferchizzle on my nizzle if you feel me.”

I choose not to be pimpin’ for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, I just don’t feel as though my pimpin’ skills are where they need to be to be able to start gloating about the fact that I’m pimpin’. There’s obviously a learning curve when it comes to pimpin’ and I never really had the proper schooling to put me in a position where my pimpin’ skills could get better and grow. Pimpin’ obviously requires a keen mind, an ability to adapt to ones’ surroundings and a kick-ass ability to pimp all the live long day.

A lot of my friends are pimpin’ lately, it seems. From my close relatives to my co-workers and the people I meet all around. They are going about their days, pimpin’ this and pimpin’ that, and still able to do all the other things they used to be able to do when they weren’t pimpin’. I mean, hell, these people are on fire. En fuego! Pimpin’ extraordinaires.

I refuse to vocalize or say the word “pimpin’.”

The day I say to someone that I am pimpin’, is the day I have (just for the sake of trying to be cool) thrown all my previously great words (awesome, mint, radical, kick-ass, wadalie-achie) out the window in favor of a word whose meaning I cannot fully grasp. I will not pimp just for the sake of pimpin’. If I’m going to be pimpin’ you’d better believe that I’m going to do the research first, then come out of that gate pimpin’ like no one has ever seen. If I really wanted to, I would put my mind to the pimpin’ and be regarded as one of the most best-est pimpin’ers eva’.

But I won’t and I’m not.

I guess when it comes down to it, people just have to be who they are and not try to be someone they’re not and if you’re not pimpin’ then don’t say you’re pimpin’ cause you aren’t pimpin’.

Peace. Out.

In other news, still only one winner so far in the 2nd Annual WFME Blog Treasure Hunt. I’ll end the horror at 9pm PST tonight and post the solution and any winners at that point. Phew.

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