Wrong Number, Right Language

It’s been a banner week for WFME Podcasts.

After WFME’s visual version of its AMEX podcast popped up on YouTube’s Featured Comedy Video page (and 27,000 views later) — yet another favorite WFME podcast has been recycled into a magical monstrosity of visual verbosity.

So if you were a fan of the Gibberish podcast, or you’ve always wondered how to handle a wrong number from someone who speaks a language you don’t speak — head on over to YouTube to view Wrong Number, Right Language.

Yes, you may very well be sorry.

Digg My Words

Two podcasts enter, and only one will leave.

Such is the case with my YouTube visual version of my Airlines Podcast and the visual version of my AMEX Podcast. After a great plug for my Airlines podcast on The Consumerist, people started watching both clips in droves.

On Digg, the social networking “thumbs up” clique for savvy web users, the Airlines one was lambasted but hilariously so — calling my clip “Retard Man vs. American Airlines Computer Hotline: Computer Wins!”

But a flashback to my AMEX podcast is the most successful Digg’d WFME podcast ever! Take a gander here and give your old pal Pauly D a big thumbs up. In the end, it just may wash away the embarrassment of me (retard) losing to a computer hotline (non-retard).

Just maybe.