WFME’s You Decide: Receding Hairline Midget or Left-Leg Missing Cruise Shuffleboard Coach

You asked for it, and so ye shall receive.

Actually, if I had to be completely honest (which is a new thing for me these days), I would tell you that no one necessarily asked for another edition of WFME’s You Decide. But since my experience is often that people don’t tell you what they want anyway (and you have to try to figure out exactly what it is they want), sometimes I’ve gotta take a chance and try to assume what the audience is looking for.

Today I’ve decided that all you readers must decide between being a midget with a receding hairline or a left-leg missing cruise shuffleboard coach.

WFME’s You Decide: 2 Tacos for $.99 or 99 Tacos for $.02?

Welcome, once again, to yet another edition of WFME’s You Decide. That’s where you decide between two choices, on your own, without any tampering from yours truly whatsoever.

This week, You Decide pulls back the film on the underbelly of what some people like to call El Socieded de Tacos (or, in English, The World In Which Tacos Reign Supreme) — which is not to be confused with a Supreme Burrito or Nacho Bell Grande Supreme. We’re talkin’ tacos today, people, so roll up those sleeves and get ready to decide.

2 Tacos for $.99? Or 99 Tacos for $.02?

WFME’s You Decide: Give a Man a Fish or Teach a Man to Fish?

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Welcome to yet another democratic decision making moment of WFME’s You Decide, where you (the reader)…read. And us (the writer) write. And somewhere in between there’s a mutual understanding that results in positive communicational exposition, cooperative role-playing and over-the-top jockeying, in order to come to a conclusion that will, eventually, bring waring tribes of vocabulary goodness into one like-minded hive of thought.

Aw, screw it. Let’s talk about fish.

As you’ve seen before, WFME’s original and trademarked feature “You Decide” gives you two choices. Neither is necessarily correct, and both have their positive and negative spins. Personally, here at WFME, we like to choose one and then watch the wolves rip apart each other.

WFME’s You Decide: Taco Bell Dining or Taco Bell Phone-Call

You’ve made many decisions in the past.

You chose between getting hit in the head with an anvil or a dead kangaroo. A bird in the hand or a bird in the bush. Coughing up a lung or a small ferrett. A painless nail in the head or a weekly pedicure and walking around with a ziploc bag filled with water or a severed left arm. They were tough choices that, surprisingly, pale in comparison to your next enigmatic choice. A choice so tough, it will shake you to the core.

Yes…today, your decision is all about Taco Bell.

WFME’s You Decide: Walking Around With A Ziploc Bag Filled With Water or A Severed Left Arm

Maybe you have a talent at making decisions.

In doing so, maybe you’ve flexed your muscles with previous incarnations of WFME’s You Decide — where your democratic tendencies are allowed to breathe, stretch, contemplate and ruminate. Maybe you’ve found that when given two distinct choices, you feel your soul scream out from inside of you and you feel more alive than ever before. Or not.

Either way, it’s time for you to decide if you’d rather walk around with a ziploc bag filled with water or a severed left arm.

It’s not often you see someone walking around with a ziploc bag filled with water. Sure, people walk around with ziploc bags filled with carrots, celery, cookies, crackers, candy, slices of fruit, cold cuts, halves of sandwiches and so on. But a bag filled to the brim with clear, innocent spring water?