Coloring Words

Somebody should swing by their local newsstand.

That’s because the January edition of Wired Magazine is on stands now, and features another back-page “Found: Artifacts From the Future” piece by yours truly. This month, I postulate what the crayons of the future might be like, which include everything from the global warming-inspired “Brown Sky” to the fad-tastic “iPod White.”

You can check out a scan of the article (which never replaces buying the actual thing) here.

An Operation of Words

Yes, it’s time for yet another edition of Wired Magazine to hit the stands.

In the May edition of the mag (which hit streets today), yours truly came up with the ultimate artifact from the future for the back page of the mag — a futuristic version of the classic Hasbro game Operation. Wonder what a game like that might challenge you to take out of a futuristic human? Well, look no further.

Now go out and buy the magazine so you can read the articles.

An Island of Words

Hitting stands right about now is the July edition of Wired Magazine — and within it, yet another piece by yours truly.

This month, my piece is titled Island of Lost Souls and looks at Michael Bay’s upcoming “clones on the run” flick The Island and how, for good or for bad, a lot of the themes and elements in the film feel as though we’ve seen them before. That, these elements have been, for all intents and purposes cloned from other movies to make his.

I compare The Island to movies like THX 1138, Logan’s Run, The Truman Show and The Matrix and interview the man on what he thinks about those movies and sci-fi in general.