Words For Your Enjoyment: Kim Wilde and Hanging On

Some people thought WFYE was dead.

But with such a unique concept as “Words For Your Enjoyment” could you really expect it to go the way of the dinosaurs? WFYE could be trapped under a flipped semi truck on an abandoned dirt highway so far away from civilization that most people would just give up if they found themselves in that situation — but WFYE wouldn’t. WFYE could be hanging off an embankment, teetering on the edge, but it would so hang on.

Which brings us today’s WFYE subject matter and singer Kim Wilde.

Old school WFME reader and on-again/off-again blogger Katheleen writes: “Where is Kim Wilde these days? Do you think she’s still hanging on?”

Words For Your Enjoyment: Calling Out Your Nemesai

nemesai: noun, plural of nemesis.

When I grew up on Long Island in New York State as a small child, I was teased and tormented by a group of children who I now refer to as my nemesai — tough as nails malcontents whose only reason for living involved the teasing, fighting and psychological hammering of those around them. At the time, I never thought my evil tormenters would ever be brought to justice. Until today.

And now it’s your turn to be a part of it as well.

Words For Your Enjoyment: Excite-o-Lifes

Fridays used to be glorious until I found out that the ancient origins of the word “Friday” happens to be “Fry-day” as in “day that innocent people were burnt as offerings to the gods.”

Now I spit on you, Friday.

But since I never had anything to do with public burnings and since I don’t plan on getting involved in public burnings anytime soon (at least not until the Officially Sponsored Armageddon) — I have decided to reinstate WFME’s wonderful “Words For Your Enjoyment.” That’s where you supply the idea, I write it, and we all forget about the witch trials and the drownings and yes…the burnings.

And this week — things just happen to get even more exciting.

Words For Your Enjoyment: No Topic Post

I’d like to welcome all of you to Friday.

Now that you’re here, make yourself at home. Kick your feet up. But your head back. Grab a cola or a diet cola or one of those freak-of-nature diet colas without caffeine. Look back fondly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and wonder where all the time went. And come here for yet another edition of “Words For Your Enjoyment” — where you supply the idea, we use it, and the Iraq war ends because of it.

And today, my friends, is so different you won’t want to miss it.

WFME maurauding reader Merel writes: “I want to ask whether this week for Words For Your Enjoyment, could you write a post that has no topic? I reckon you should be able to manage that!!!”

Words For Your Enjoyment: One Dollar

Friday, Friday, Friday…

And yet today is more than just a regular old Friday. Today is also the first day of December, which makes today’s Friday a little more special than normal. Besides being the first Friday of the month, it’s also one of five Fridays we’ll experience before 2007. And since 2007 is a number that, when you add all the digits together, equals 9 — and then you subtract these upcoming 5 fridays from 9 and you get 4… And since 4 is the amount of performers in the classic band The Beatles (who wrote the song “8 Days A Week”) and since there was never 8 days in a week in this dimension…

Well, that makes for a really surprising and exciting “Words For Your Enjoyment!”