Getting Zapped!

You may or may not remember when WFME ran into Scott Baio, but the underground fandom for him and his movies seems to continue with the World’s famous support for his “I’m going to use my telekenetic powers to strip off women’s bras” movie, Zapped! It was a time of wonderful reckless abandon…

This week, WFME re-introduces our WFME Interview feature by getting you straight into the mind of Thom Rafferty, one of the past Managers of the Zapped! online fan club. Boasting more than 730 members, it is indeed a subcultre that should not be ignored.

1. What’s your name?

Thom Rafferty

2. You’re a part of the Zapped fan club online, can you tell me more about the club?

Gum Smack-Talking: The Interview

Earlier today you may have noticed a comment on an older WFME post called “Building a Better Piece of Gum”. The post in question wondered aloud about the size and taste coefficient of gum and the comment received was this:

“HELLO Dumbasses!

Trident and Orbitz and Wrigleys and tons of companys put artificial sweeteners in their gum.. These artificial sweeteners cause many symptoms…Aspartame causes 92 known symptoms and i’m sure the other artificial sweetners out there cause just as many. I’d advise you to get off those brands of gum..oh and BubbleTape. OK well I hope you guys are smart enough to get off it.”

The Real W.F.M.E. Interview: Patton Oswalt

Sooner or later it had to happen.

Months of imaginary interviews have now been taken over (at least, momentarily) by The Real WFME Interview — an opportunity for WFME to ask the questions that normal interviewers would probably never ask.

Today, WFME talks to comedian Patton Oswalt. Some may know him from his role on The King of Queens as Spence. Others may recognize his voice from Crank Yankers and others may be sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for his upcoming role in New Line Cinema’s Blade: Trinity. Whether he’s on TV, on stage performing comedy or being awfully prolific on his website the guy’s a force to, well, reckon with.

Me: Hi there.

Larry King Interviews Me: The Lost Interview

Transcript provided by CNN.

Larry King Interviews Paul Davidson*
Original Date: August 10, 2004

Larry King: He’s someone you may have heard of. Then again, he’s someone you may never have heard of. Did I mention he’s someone I hadn’t heard of until my Producers suggested I do some research so when others asked me if I knew of him I could say that I did know of him and had heard of him? Well, it’s all a moot point now as he’s sitting across from me here in my Los Angeles studio. Welcome, Paul.

Me: Great to be here, Larry. You know, you look like a human bug. Has anyone ever told you that?

Meet The Real American Clown

You can imagine my surprise and chagrin when I was contacted yesterday evening by a professional clown. He had seen my intention of doing the WFME “Week Day of Clowns” and wanted to make sure that this wasn’t going to be a clown-bashing event. Apparently, and I had never known this, clowns are made fun of more than any minority in this country.

The reason we don’t see it, is because “laughter is blind to the clown’s struggle for equal opportunity perception.”

When I gave my “anonymous clown contact” the lowdown on this week’s today’s hilarity surrounding those “crazy-make-up’d silly looking bastards,” he wanted the opportunity to share some information about the real plight of clowns worldwide.

What could I say? I had to at least hear him out.

And so, without further delay, my interview with “Bubblehead Benny” and his tiny toy dog “Scrumptious.” Please be aware, this interview has been edited for content, length and humor.