Bay Area Words

I am in the San Francisco Bay Area today as I will be doing a signing/reading for The Lost Blogs at the Barnes & Noble in Walnut Creek at 7:30pm.

Despite the fact that Walnut Creek may make you think about Little House on the Prairie and that childhood fear that someone with a head of hair as dense as Michael Landon might give you a “whooping” — if you live in the area and want to swing out, we’ll work through your trauma together.

In other news, Words For Your Enjoyment returns tomorrow — that’s where you submit an idea for a post and I fashion it into a singing, dancing, over-the-top experience while giving you credit at the same time. Why not throw something at the wall and see if it sticks?

My Dinner With Matthew Perry & Sheryl Crow

Back in March, I ran into Friends‘ star Matthew Perry at a movie theater.

Well, wouldn’t you expect (as these things normally happen to me) that I was out for dinner last night in NYC at the exquisite Italian restaurant Da Silvano and who happens to sit at the table right next to me? Yes. You’re right. Good guess. It was none other than Matthew Perry. And can you imagine the synergy of it all when the exact drink he ordered in my previous run-in with him showed up once again last night?

The Diet-Coke factor. I’m telling you, it’s eerie.

Words From The Road

Get ready for a rarity.

Because instead of writing today about a variety of subjects like the fact that I love change (money, not life altering moments), my prognosis on prognosises, about my super alter ago or how I plan on helping Whitney Houston get out of the hole she’s currently in, I would instead like to talk about my current experiences here in New York City promoting the book to change all books in the entire book landscape, The Lost Blogs.

I know. Yeah. Totally.

The Post Where Bulletpoints Figure Prominently

This is the post where bulletpoints figure prominently.

First and foremost, before the bulletpoints begin figuring prominently I’d just like to say that I wish people who wrote blogs would give you more notice before they unloaded a whole post filled with bulletpoints on you. A post of bulletpoints means all you’re gonna get is like a list of uninteresting crap that all couldn’t fill one entire post, but together they do. A bulletpointed post is the same as a poo poo platter at a Chinese restaurant. You get a little of everything and you’re still hungry when you’re done.

That’s why I figured I’d warn you that this is the post where bulletpoints figure, um, prominently.

Words For Your Enjoyment: Happy Holidays

What’s more for your enjoyment than a happy holiday?

That’s why I’d like to take today to wish each and every one of you the best 2005 holiday season, filled with joy, happiness, family, friends, food, candy, presents and good cheer from me and my twelve other multiple personalities here at WFME.

Which, at the same time, makes me wonder just how much happier my holiday would be if I did (really) have twelve multiple personalities that all my friends and family couldn’t deny. They would include: