10 Replacements for LOL, Seeing As Though We’re All Just A Little Bit Tired of Being on the LOL-Bandwagon

  1. RRA: Really, really amused.
  2. LOTI: Laughing on the inside.
  3. SHRN: So hysterical right now.
  4. LLL: Living, laughing, loving.
  5. TTTT (OL): Too tired to type, or laugh.
  6. CCN: Commence chortle, now.
  7. WAGNGFL: We are go, no go, for laughter.
  8. RHIPWMES: Really, honestly — I’m pleased with my emotional state.
  9. IYWHRNYSML: If you were here right now, you’d see me laughing.
  10. LIDLIJDNEOTIIMBDTTFTAACIHAPWSOBTLOOMALTTRITIDL: Look, I don’t laugh. I just don’t. Not even on the inside. It might be due to the fact that as a child, I had abusive parents who sort of beat the laughter out of me. At least that’s the reason I think I don’t laugh.

WFME Has Been Banned

It has been brought to my attention that WFME has been banned from some of your work computers.

This of course, seemed ridiculous to me. I mean, this site has little (if zero) curse words. This site has no naked pictures (yes, you’re lucky there), no political leanings or rants and no off-color or racial jokes to annoy the general public. So it got me to thinking — for what reason would WFME be banned by the corporate I.T. bigwigs?

The following ten reasons were the only ones that I could come up with.

  1. Some companies, including media ones connected to superstar actor Ashton Kutcher, felt that my criticisms of his acting were so unreasonable that they would ban WFME out of spite.

Searchable Words

I never do this, but I couldn’t resist.

The absolutely most-telling, most-amusing, most entertaining search string that someone put into Google in order to find WFME was this:

For a fax machine does the paper go face up?


ATM Pressure (Or, I’m Not A Bomb Diffuser)

Sometimes, when I’m getting money from the ATM I feel like Detective Riggs (Mel Gibson) from Lethal Weapon 2.

Because that’s the film that started out with Riggs and his about-to-retire partner (Danny Glover) in a parking structure, next to a car with a bomb in it. Time was ticking, they had to cut the wire, and they weren’t sure which one to cut. There was pressure, some sweat was beading down their forehead, and everyone was all eyes — watching and waiting. Watching and waiting.

It’s how I feel when I’m trying to get money out of the ATM.