My Words, Their Filibuster

fil·i·bus·ter n. The use of obstructionist tactics, especially prolonged speechmaking, for the purpose of delaying legislative action. An instance of the use of this delaying tactic.

Usage: The Congressman from New York, hoping to delay the passing of an abhorrent piece of legistature, filibustered for over 12 hours, discussing the issue at hand, along with other subjects unrelated to the current proposed law.

It seems, Congress is using my words as their filibuster.

In just the last five days, WFME has received over 150 unique visits from Congress ( and there is only one obvious reason why. Currently, there must be some kind of legislature that our representatives do not want to see get passed. But there’s a problem, because they just don’t have the votes necessary to strike it down. What can they do? What is their way out?