Today’s Fond Memory of The Hills‘ Spencer Pratt

It’s no secret I worked on the questionably-successful FOX show Princes of Malibu.

What some may or may not know is that one of the Executive Producers of that show was none other than The Hills’ Spencer Pratt. These days, Pratt is consistently being vilified by the mainstream press and rag mags along with his girlfriend Heidi. While I have watched the show and question what’s real and what’s not — I cannot question the fact that Pratt has always been very smart about business and buzz. So kudos to him for that.

While Pratt was definitely a driving force behind Princes, he was also gung ho about his first Producing opportunity and there was a moment I will never forget while we were developing the show that would become The Princes of Malibu. We had been brainstorming for hours about what the show would be, had come up with a board filled with hilarious moments for the psuedo-scripted show, and the following exchange took place:

Spencer Pratt: “Guys, this is awesome! Hey, if we win an Emmy — who gets to go up and accept it?”

Another Producer: “You.”

Spencer nods, excitedly. Then, a thought:

Spencer Pratt: “You know what guys!? When we win that Emmy? I’m taking ALL OF YOU up there with me. ALL OF YOU!!”

Let no one say Spencer isn’t a team player.

It’s just too bad we never won that Emmy.

Cut-Up TV

Do you love TV and Movies? What about mashups?

Well, if you’ve always wanted to watch what would happen if different shows and movies got mixed up together in one quirky show, then Cut-Up is for you. This is a new show I got involved with and this is our first short-reel of what the show could turn into. Would love to know your thoughts if you have ’em!

Give Cut-Up some linky-love if you enjoy. The Official Site is also up as well.

Spoiling Lost

Due to my connections in the entertainment industry, I sometimes hear things I shouldn’t.

In the past I’ve received spoilers for upcoming episodes on everything from Heroes to The Sopranos. I take such spoilers with a grain of salt, but am always here to post them for entertainment purposes and as a service to those who are interested. So it’s no surprise that the rumors of my willingness to share such inside details found their way to those working to finish off the fourth season of ABC’s Lost.

Such information, which you will not want to read unless you want to ruin it for yourself, are contained within.

I Have A Concern About Getting Through To The Next Level on American Idol

It has nothing to do with singing.

I’m more concerned with the fact, that after I auditioned for Paula and Randy and Simon and they gave me my three YES votes that allowed me to go to the next level in Hollywood, that when I walked out that audition door with my little paper flyer and there were cameras and Ryan Seacrest waiting for me to come out all excited…

…that the people I invited to come with me, who were ALSO waiting out there, wouldn’t really be exciting enough for National TV.

A Brief Post Outlining My Most Recent Problems With Today’s TV Soundtrack Hipness

First, listen to this.

Sound familiar?

That’s probably because just about one-third of all new network and cable television shows have used this “extremely popular” no-longer-new song by Peter Bjorn and John and placed it in the soundtracks of their pilot or 2nd episodes of their new shows in an attempt to add some awesome street cred to their productions. Whether you’re Gossip Girl, Big Shots or a slew of others…they’re all getting their Bjorns on.

It’s just too bad none of these music producers are talking to any of the other music producers or else they’d all suddenly realize they’re pulling the same songs, from the same list, from the same popularity scales.

And it’s driving me crazy.