Cut-Up TV

Do you love TV and Movies? What about mashups?

Well, if you’ve always wanted to watch what would happen if different shows and movies got mixed up together in one quirky show, then Cut-Up is for you. This is a new show I got involved with and this is our first short-reel of what the show could turn into. Would love to know your thoughts if you have ’em!

Give Cut-Up some linky-love if you enjoy. The Official Site is also up as well.

I Cannot Get Through ‘The Ring’

It’s true.

I mean, why would I lie about being so afraid of the horror-film The Ring that I cannot even make it past the very first scene where they open that closet door and find that girl in there with her face all melty and weird. There’s no reason for me to lie about trying to watch it at 3pm in the afternoon and still having to turn the damn thing off.

And it’s not just The Ring. I am a horror-movie wuss.

If I could only count the horror movies that freaked me out on one hand, I would be a happy soul. But alas, the list begins with Poltergeist and continues all the way to that freaky Sarah Michelle Gellar movie where some hand comes out of some guys head while they’re in the elevator.