The Brady Bunch Boardroom Briefcase

Welcome to Day 1 of WFME’s Week ‘o Searches!

Today’s subject comes from a popular search over the last few days — “Brady Bunch Boardroom Briefcase Where Is It Today” which obviously harkens back to a classic episode of my favorite substitute parent, The Brady Bunch. You may or may not remember when Carol Brady rear-ended a crotchety old man who then took the family to court, neck encased in a neck brace. But some quick thinking on Mike Brady’s part (and a briefcase) “turned” the case on its heels.

For this post, we’ll examine where said MacGuffin/briefcase is today.

Maureen McCormick vs. Kristy McNichol

You may or may not remember when I determined who would win in a fight between Katie Couric and Jane Pauley.

Back then, the Katie Couric camp was pleased to know that “their girl” would win in a fight, according to WFME statistics. The Jane Pauley camp tried their best to support their girl, but it just was too late. The fight had been sussed out and there was nothing anyone could do. It was, to say the least, a resounding success. It’s a wonder WFME hasn’t seen a “versus” fight since then.

This morning, for some strange reason, my thoughts randomly turned to 70’s teen star Kristy McNichol and TV hottie (and Brady Bunch sibling) Maureen McCormick — and who would win in an all out brawl.

‘The Brady Bunch’ vs. The U.S. Constitution

With all the trouble these days with political lobbyists and corrupt leadership and appointing people to the Supreme Court who may, in time, reverse all the worthwhile decisions made over the last 50 years…

It got me to thinking about the United States Constitution and how aware our citizens are of the actual verbage that shapes their world.

And then it got me to thinking about The Brady Bunch.

If you were to ask ten of your friends to name ten laws in the United States Consitution they would probably mention something about freedom of speech and then incoherently mumble about all men are created equal and then probably stuff their mouth with french toast so they wouldn’t have to talk about it anymore. But replace the Constitution with the lessons learned from The Brady Bunch and everyone would be on the same page.