I’m Not Leaving The Time I Called On Your Answering Machine

Unless you’re trying to solve a murder case in which I am involved, where I took the time to call […]

I Am Writing This Post From Inside A Locked Chest Inside The Basement of Some Guy I Just Met At My Local Best Buy

Him: “Looking for a wireless router?” Me: “Yeah. I am. Trying to extend my WiFi network at home.” Him: “I’ve […]

Words For Your Enjoyment: The Populars

Someday, when this planet is extinct, the WFYE posts won’t matter much. But as long as Friday continues to exist […]

Automobile SOS Buttons Are The New Crank Call

Do you have a new car? Does your car come equipped with one of those “OnStar” or “SOS” buttons inside […]

I’m Here For You, Fellow Blackberriers

What makes people feel connected? For some, it’s a familial connection. For others, a shared experience. Others feel connected by […]