Kristy McNichol Is Following Me, Pt. 2

It’s become an epidemic.

You may recall the two previous times Kristy McNichol (70’s mega star of such gems as Little Darlings and The Pirate Movie as well as the 80’s show Empty nest) was caught following me. The first, at a patio furniture store… The second, at the movies.

Well, on this glorious Sunday, Kristy McNichol has struck again. At the supermarket.

What began as a “oh how funny there’s Kristy McNichol” moment and evolved into “oh how ironic I saw her earlier today and now here she is again in the same place as me” suspicion has now officially become a “third times the charm as well as the confirmation that I’m being stalked by a 70’s celebrity” epidemic. Kristy McNichol is probably in my bathroom right this minute, but I’m sort of afraid to check.

Kristy McNichol Is Also Following Me

Forget about Ian Ziering.

I was walking around in a place that I would never freely admit I was walking around in. (Okay, it was a patio furniture store.) I was perusing a variety of things which I would never freely admit to knowing exactly what they were. (These really cool glider patio chair things with built in cup holders.) And out of the corner of my eye — there she stood. Kristy McNichol.

Best known for her roles in Little Darlings, The Pirate Movie, and the television shows Family and Empty Nest — she was the Britney Spears of the 70’s and 80’s and I’ll never forget that I had the hugest crush on her ever.

I Am Afraid of Hide n’ Go Seek

Most people like to be the ones who hide.

In fact, people desperately do all they can to be that person. Usually before you can even decide who’s gonna seek and who’s gonna hide, some idiot yells, I’ll hide!! and runs off before you can even say anything. From the distance you can usually hear “Start counting!!! I’m hiding!!! like they’ve planned for this moment from the day they were born.

Personally, hiding scares the crap out of me.

Ian Ziering is Following Me

You may recall back in February when I spotted Ian Ziering working out at my gym.

It was, to say the least, shocking that one of the stars from Beverly Hills, 90210, a guy with tons of syndication money arriving at his mailbox daily, would settle on working out at a Magic Johnson owned 24 Hour Fitness club.

But that seemingly, was just the beginning.

The chain of events, which has recently been revealed to me goes a little something like this: