Spoiling Lost

Due to my connections in the entertainment industry, I sometimes hear things I shouldn’t.

In the past I’ve received spoilers for upcoming episodes on everything from Heroes to The Sopranos. I take such spoilers with a grain of salt, but am always here to post them for entertainment purposes and as a service to those who are interested. So it’s no surprise that the rumors of my willingness to share such inside details found their way to those working to finish off the fourth season of ABC’s Lost.

Such information, which you will not want to read unless you want to ruin it for yourself, are contained within.

Unconfirmed Spoilers About The Sopranos Series Finale

Sometimes I get e-mails from moles in the entertainment industry.

In the past, some confidential tips have been 100% legitimate (see Mr. Six and the major media press that followed). Other times, the tips result in mediocre spoilers that rile up the geekdom of the Intranut.

But with only one week to go until the series finale of HBO’s The Sopranos, and a suspicious-looking mole providing me inside deets from the David Chase organization — I couldn’t let it pass me by without at least posting them here.

  • Tony Soprano, having had most of his New Jersey crew killed, has nothing left but his family. And so, in the series finale, he decides to contact his government contact and sell out Phil and the rest of his bunch. The result, the Sopranos (as a family) go into hiding and start a new life.

An Insider’s Look At NBC’s Heroes (Major Spoilers Ahead)

I recently had the opportunity to speak with someone on the inside at NBC’s hit show Heroes.

Some of you may or may not have seen the show, but it’s a runaway smash hit for the peacock network and it’s no surprise. Sci-Fi normally doesn’t find a home on major networks, so the occurence of Heroes showing up on NBC created a situation where viewers unfamiliar with the genre finally got to experience something unique.

But now, people are wondering if the show actually knows where it’s going… And I luckily had the opportunity to find out just where the journey will take the Heroes, the viewers and me.