Cheri Oteri Likes To Wear A Hat

SNL alum Cheri Oteri, apparently, likes to wear a hat.

Of course, why exactly anyone wears a hat is their own business. Some of them like to wear hats because they didn’t want to take a shower. Others wear a hat because they’re going bald. Others believe that wearing a hat makes them look sporty. But yesterday at the Sherman Oaks, CA restaurant Hugo’s — Cheri Oteri was wearing a hat to make sure that no one recognized her.

Oh, Cheri. You can’t get away from me that easily.

The Post Where I Finally Give Up on SNL

It just ain’t happenin’, people.

Saturday Night Live has basically sucked for a long long long long time. Periodically you get a sketch here and there that’s decent (like last night’s Will Ferrell Jeopardy sketch) but normally you’ll find that the first sketch of the ENTIRE SHOW actually sucks the big one, too.

So, what’s the damn problem, Lorne?

I have taken what I believe to be the Top 10 sketches since the show’s inception and broken each sketch down to the elements that make the sketch funny so you can see really what lies beneath. Then, I have taken those important elements and created my own sketch which I believe would be well-received and eventually turned into a high-grossing SNL movie.

Today’s Imaginary Conversation With Lorne Michaels After He Was Injected With Truth Serum

If you have ever heard of Saturday Night Live then you have heard of its Creator and Executive Producer (i.e. “God), Lorne Michaels.

WFME was fortunate enough to get a few moments to talk to the uber-comedy deity after he was accidentally injected with some kind of black market truth serum. You know, the kind you’ve seen on such hit television shows as Alias and The Greatest American Hero. Here’s what Mr. Michaels had to say:

Me: It’s an honor and a pleasure, Mr. Michaels.

Lorne Michaels: Pfffffbbbbbbbbt.

(Lorne Michaels rubs his fingers over what appear to be swollen lips while he makes a sound most similar to my 7 month old nephew for some time.)

Today’s Imaginary Conversation With Ashlee Simpson’s Singing Voice

You may or may not have heard yet about the debacle on SNL this past weekend when singer Ashlee Simpson (sister of Jessica) was caught lip-synching to her songs when the “sound-people” accidentally played the wrong studio-engineered track. Although Ashlee sadly blamed it on “her band playing the wrong song” it was in fact the result of a lip-synch cover-up.

WFME was lucky enough to get a few minutes with Ashlee Simpson’s singing voice (via telephone), who was already distancing herself from the situation for fear of being involved in another Milli Vanilli nightmare.

Me: Hi, Ashlee Simpson’s Singing Voice.

Ashlee Simpson’s Singing Voice: Hi, Paul. Thanks for having me here.