Words About The Little Mermaid

As said by a Banana Republic staff member to another father in the store:

“Have you seen ‘The Little Mermaid’? Dude, whatever you do, do NOT let your daughter watch that movie. That movie encourages the young girl to defy her father, then hook up with an older man!! It’s insane, dude. Her father is like the king of the sea or something. If you’re the king of the sea and your little girl stops listening to you, I can only imagine what your daughter is gonna do in the real world after seeing that movie. I mean, you’re not the king of the sea, right?”

I Am Afraid of Non-Brand Name Sorbets

Do you like sorbet?

Do you enjoy the shivering, ice-like feeling it creates on your tongue as you shove a spoon ‘o the stuff into your mouth? Do you enjoy knowing that you’re eating the purest of pure…the most natural frozen taste experience that there is in this world next to frozen grapes? Does it help you go to sleep at night knowing that even if you ate an entire pint of the dang stuff that you won’t wake up with acid reflux since all it contained was fruit, ice and some chemicals…as opposed to huge swirls of caramel sauce?

Do you know that you should be afraid of non-brand name sorbets?

Janie & Jack Hates Babystyle

Feuds color our world, it seems.

From next door neighbors to warring countries to Star Trek fans and Star Wars geeks — there are ideological battles being fought and won on a daily basis throughout our world. Surprisingly, however, the most violent of all feuds currently happening on this planet involves two baby retail stores called “Janie & Jack” and “Babystyle.”

This is a story about such a feud and my desire to fan the flames of discontent.

Amazing Deals Today at WFME!

If you listen to the news or talk to the “tastemakers” you know that today is the biggest shopping day of the entire year.

People were up while you were still sleeping, waiting in lines just so they could get their little hands on $2.99 DVDs, cheap flat panel televisions, and a myriad of other “overstock items” that have been prettied up by the word SALE. But still, if Best Buy can sell all their remainder DVDs by offering up great prices that drive the masses to their locations, then why isolate the fun to consumer related products? Why not include the blogs as well!?

That’s why TODAY ONLY there’s amazing deals here at WFME.

The Pauly D Cologne

[Note: The most heart-palpitating moment of this post comes in the last five lines so be sure not to miss the last five lines of this post because they will leave you breathless!!]

From Elizabeth Taylor to Britney Spears to Michael Jordan to J. Lo — every single celebrity who seems to have had a few minutes in the spotlight decides sooner or later to release their own perfume or cologne with lots of fanfare, publicity and marketing.

Well, isn’t it about time Pauly D released his own cologne as well?