Cut-Up TV

Do you love TV and Movies? What about mashups?

Well, if you’ve always wanted to watch what would happen if different shows and movies got mixed up together in one quirky show, then Cut-Up is for you. This is a new show I got involved with and this is our first short-reel of what the show could turn into. Would love to know your thoughts if you have ’em!

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If I Was In ‘Say Anything’ And Didn’t Have A Boombox

Boomboxes are sort of over.

I mean, with everyone so obsessed with iPODs and other small devices that play their MP3s, we’re left in a society where boomboxes are sort of the 8-track tapes of the last decade — leaving people like me, if I was in the movie Say Anything with quite an intriguing conundrum. For if I wanted to woo a woman, from beneath her bedroom window, at three in the morning — what would I do?

What. Would. I. Do?

Know that I’m not living in a dreamworld here, thinking that I was actually in the classic 80’s flick Say Anything. But know that since the real world often mirrors the events in famous movies — there are guys out there who are looking for ways to steal back women that they have wronged by using those classic “aww” moments from classic “aww” movies.