Cut-Up TV

Do you love TV and Movies? What about mashups?

Well, if you’ve always wanted to watch what would happen if different shows and movies got mixed up together in one quirky show, then Cut-Up is for you. This is a new show I got involved with and this is our first short-reel of what the show could turn into. Would love to know your thoughts if you have ’em!

Give Cut-Up some linky-love if you enjoy. The Official Site is also up as well.

Words For Your Enjoyment: Fanaticals

A rock in the hand is worth two in the bush, which as long as it isn’t rolling down a hill and into a glass house, probably means that today brings us yet another edition of your favorite-ist, guilty-ist pleasure-ist kind-ist of post-ist… “Words For Your Enjoyment”.

Today, WFME reader Meg asks, “Would you rather have the respect of the writing community (both online and in your professional life) or a monstrous reader base that borders on fanatical? You must show your mental work in reaching your answer.”

Oh, Meg. Meg, Meg, Meg, Meg, Meg. (God, I sort of wish I could do a whole post on how the more I say Meg’s name, the more it sounds like an iron rod that construction workers use in putting together buldings or a glue-compound used in carpet installation. But instead, I will do what I’m here to do.)

Words For Your Enjoyment: Attention Whores

Aaah, Friday.

Is it strange that after so many Fridays over the course of our lives, this Friday is just as exciting as all the rest? Is it weird that while every other single item in our lives that repeats over and over again (another cookie, a birthday, lunchtime, the dentist, et al) gets old and boring and before long we can’t bear to experience it any longer — Friday continues to be just as exciting every single time?

It’s sort of like “Words For Your Enjoyment” — fresh, exciting, filled with 94% of all those extra vitamins and minerals you look for in starting off your weekend… And this week, is of course, no different.

Today’s Call From Kate Holmes

(My cell phone rings, in the damn middle of the night.)

Me: Ngggth…hello?

Kate: Ohmygodohmigodohmygod!!

Me: Mom?

Kate: You. Are. Not. Going. To. Believe. This!!!!

Me: Is Dad OK?

Kate: Snap out of it, Pauly. It’s me. Kate.

Me: (Long sigh)

Kate: Hello!?

Me: Yeah, yeah. I’m here.

Kate: Did Tom call you yet?

Me: Two days ago. To ask me to join him in all the glory that is Scientology.

Kate: Ohmigodohmigodohmigod, what did you say?

Me: I told him yes, Kate. I told him yes.

Kate: Teehee. Which is exactly what I told him!

Me: Yeah, he already told me.

Today’s Call From Tom Cruise

(The phone rings…)

Me: Hello?

Tom: Hey, Paul. It’s Tom Cruise. Yeeeeaaaaaah!!!!

Me: Uh, hi. You know it’s seven in the morning?

Tom: Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! Do you know what I’m doing!?

Me: Uh, no. What are you doing.

Tom: Jumpin’ on crap. Yeeeeaaaaaahhhh!!!

Me: You woke me up. What do you want?

Tom: What do I waaaant!?! WHAT DO I WANT!?!

Me: Uh, yeah.

Tom: I want you to join Scientology.

Me: Didn’t Kate already do that for you?

Tom: Sure, but we want you too. Yeeaaaahhhhhh!!

Me: Can you stop yelling into the phone, please?

Tom: Sorry. So, will you join us?

Me: Um. Okay.