WFME’s FAQ in Progress

WFME gets a lot of questions a lot of the time.

That’s why, effective immediately, I’m crafting the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for the site. Today, I’ve decided to post some of the questions I’ve received and start by answering them after the break. Just click on in there and you’ll get a chance to learn the answers to some of WFME’s most asked questions.

Remember, if you don’t like the answers or you’re unhappy I’ve printed your questions, your only options are to ignore me completely or file a FAQ-attack through the appropriate factions ( Otherwise, just sit back and learn the answers to potentially some of the questions you’ve had but were afraid to ask about.

The Sarah Michelle Gellar Smoking Debate Can Finally Be Resolved

There are microcosms of society none of you will ever know about.

Surprisingly, if you scan through the RSS Feed for the comments on WFME (located at the bottom of the sidebar) you’ll see a slew of comments that come in on a daily basis related to big heads, A&F, long toes, swallowing pills, eating crackers, and yes — even obessions with Kristy McNichol. I don’t judge people for their interests or concerns, and I’m glad that WFME provides a forum for people to discuss such concerns. Even when it’s about Sarah Michelle Gellar and the argument about whether or not she smokes cigarettes.

Fortunately for those people, my recent run-in with Freddie Prinze, Jr. will once and for all close the book on the debate.

Celebrities Are Just Like You and Me

A slew of star sightings are this weekend’s talk of the town, confirming yet again that celebrities are just like you and me.

Take for example Leonardio DiCaprio seen putting a dollar coin into a parking meter and jamming the darn thing up, then throwing his hands up in frustration when he realized he’d probably end up getting a parking ticket. Or what about Katie Holmes, seen this weekend in Beverly Hills shopping with Victoria Beckham…at a local Crate & Barrel store where one was overheard saying to the other, “Do you think they’re having a sale?”

Or what about that celebrity sighting of Paris Hilton, seen eating an ice cream cone from the bottom up (biting the bottom then sucking ice cream through the funnel) after taking a penny from a local Ben & Jerry’s tip dish, just to cover her ice cream purchase? And what about Charlie Sheen, seen moving his car so that the meter maid’s chalk mark on his tire wouldn’t be seen the next time they came around the block?

There’s been a slew of other sightings this past week of celebs doing things just like you and me. Katherine Heigl from Grey’s Anatomy was seen hitting her brakes to keep a tailgater from driving too close. Sally Field was seen squeezing squashes at a local outdoor farmer’s market. Neil Patrick Harris of TV’s How I Met Your Mother was spotted at a local Hollywood gym staying on the elliptical machine for over 30 minutes (which was the posted limit of time one could stay on the fitness machines), then resetting the clock so no one would know he’d been on for like fifty minutes. Or what about WFME’s favorite Sarah Michelle Gellar spotted out and about smoking a pack of cigarettes, and addicted to the darn things just like you and me!?

And across the coast, in Gotham, SNL‘s Andy Samberg was spotted with mustard on the corner of his mouth, Alec Baldwin was seen adjusting his shoe, Jack Nicholson was overheard complaining about an uncooked doughnut, and let’s not forget reports about Jim Belushi buying stamps from an ATM! Just like you. And just like me.

It’s nice to know that celebrities are real people.

Isn’t it?

The FPJ Epilogue

Apparently, I thought I had already moved past my fight with Freddie Prinze, Jr. and the subsequent argument with his wife Sarah Michelle Gellar. At least, I thought so until I ran into the two of them while working on a project with David Faustino.

Normally, you would have thought that the first trilogy of drama would have ended there. But my “good-friends” decided to keep hammering away at me. There was Sarah Michelle’s eerie phone message and Freddie Prinze, Jr.’s emasculating phone call/request. But then, it got quiet.

The drama ended. I was able to forget about it all. That is, until this morning when good WFME friend MJ vocalized one of his dream-team Celebrity Poker tables that, yes, would include the following players:

SMG Gloats

This strange message found its way to my cell phone voice mail this afternoon:

Voice (on message): Guess who. Seriously, try and guess. Don’t know who it is? Hmmmm, let me see. How about a hint? How about…my movie was number one at the box office last weekend. How about…my career has been revitalized because of it. How about…now I have a financial hold on him and he’ll never admit to being your best friend. How about them apples?

(The phone hangs up.)