Quotes From A Blogger

Let me ask you a question.

The day you find yourself transformed from a normal everyday blogger to a Related Resource & Link on a legitimate PBS blog that discusses culture, arts and film — what’s the next thing you do to keep your voice and your opinions in the forefront of the major media’s minds?

Yes, that’s right. You offer up even more opinions about a variety of subjects.

Seemingly, these days, newspapers and magazines and online sites are quoting bloggers on a variety of subjects. From politics to entertainment, from government conspiracies to money matters — what some bloggers say has become the digital gospel of the Internet world.

Which got me to thinking.

I Will Throw Rocks In Glass Houses

Wouldn’t you?

I mean, with a pocket full of rocks and a house made of glass, there isn’t a much more intriguing scenario I can think of. Sure, throwing mini mandarin oranges in a house made of chinese chicken salad, or throwing chocolate bars in a house made of peanut butter or throwing thumbtacks in a house made of cork could be mildly fun…

…but rocks in a glass house? Priceless.