I Am Starting My Own Religion

I figure, if L. Ron Hubbard can do it, so can I.

Sure, most mainstream religions are rooted in moments that happened thousands of years ago. But if a science fiction writer who was born in the last century can take a book that he’s written and turn it into an oft-publicized religion and get famous people like John Travolta and Jenna Elfman and Tom Cruise to join it… Then my own religion can succeed just as well.

I’ll call it Consumerjology.

Today’s Page Six Article About Katie Holmes (From The Future)

Los Angeles — Warner Bros. executives were stunned today when Katie Holmes, co-star of the hugely successful “Batman Begins” informed them that she would not be honoring her contractual agreements to co-star in the anticipated sequel. Holmes’ lawyers, who declined to comment specifically, submitted legal documents today which ended up on The Smoking Gun‘s website and which laid out the reasons why Holmes has decided to put her career in jeopardy by going against her contract.

Words For Your Enjoyment: Finding Jesus

Once again the twilight blackens the night sky and the sun rises above the gorgeous vistas from sea to shining sea, and throughout it all there is one very serious constant — “Words For Your Enjoyment”.

This week’s gem of an idea comes all the way from James G. who says, “It’s been awhile since you’ve talked about celebrities like our ‘ol boy Scottie Baio — have you run into anyone else lately?”

Color me surprised.

Would you believe, that just yesterday I came in contact with a man that some may say is the greatest celebrity on the face of the Earth? The greatest celebrity since the dawn of time? A mere giant among others like Moses, Alexander the Great (non Colin Farrell version), Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, ALF, and so many more. That man’s name?