Today’s Thoughts on Fake Fruit

We all have to do it.

We see a basket filled with “fruit” and we immediately ask the people around us, “Hey, is this fake fruit or real fruit?”. No, we don’t ask it of fruit we find in fridges, of course. But I would guarantee you that 8 out of 10 people who walk past a basket or bowl of fruit will ask this question within two minutes of coming in contact with a bowl of fruit.

It’s a problem, I think, that has a much deeper meaning.

Your WFME Psychological Evaluation: Bubble Wrap Edition

You’ve got a problem.

You walk throughout your day to day life doing things like crunching ice (even when your teeth are sensitive to it), folding magazine insert cards into the smallest possible tiny little square you can, forming tiny little sphere-like shapes with tiny pieces of gum (inside your mouth), balancing things like glue sticks and pencils upright on your desk and popping bubble wrap.

WFME Psychological Evaluation: You have a desire to bend things to your own will.