Letters to eBay, Letters to You

As promised, today WFME will be giving away three (3) free copies of Paul Meadors’ new book Letters to eBay.

But how, you wonder, can you win one?

Present a link in the comments section to what you consider to be the most obscure, most amusing eBay auction currently “live” on eBay (i.e., people can still bid on it at the publishing of this post) before 5pm PST and you’ll have entered yourself in for the contest. Each person is only allowed one (1) submission, and I will award the books to the Top 3 most amusing eBay auctions.

We’re talking funny, people. Show me the funny.

In the event two people submit the same auction, the person who posted their comment first will get priority. In addition, if you have put up the auction yourself, it is invalid. Finally, if you have ever watched Big Brother After Dark on Showtime, please make a note of it in the comments section, as you will be added to WFME’s list for another upcoming contest that will be announced very soon.

Good luck and G-d speed!

Update! The winners of the books are Mike Lietz, Jerry and Monkeyinabox. Congratulations!

Giving Away The Letters

Usually, if I’m giving something away, it has to do with me.

That’s why next Monday I’ll be doing something quite selfless for my new friend Paul Meadors, the author of the upcoming book Letters to eBay: Hilarious Auctions, Crazy E-Mails, and Bongos for Grandma by hosting some kind of ridiculous contest to give away three (3) of his books.

The contest will officially go live Monday morning at 9am PST. First come first serve. If you or a member of your family own eBay, you may not compete. If you’re currently writing a book of letters to eBay, you may not compete. If you have ever gone out, purchased and eaten Slim Jims after seeing a commercial for them, you may still compete but I will judge you.