Words About My New Career

After some consideration, I felt it was time to fill in WFME readers to my new life change.

As a result of my two books not being made into movies, not being turned into animated shows and not being optioned by a big star for a passion project, it appears as if most of my dreams of writing have fallen to the wayside. For months I questioned my future. For weeks I wallowed in self-pity. And then I decided on a brand new career.

A career that would change my life forever.

Think Of It As A Vacation For Your Fingers

Do your fingers hurt as much as mine?

If they do, then WFME’s We Love Your Fingers And Want To Save Them Summer Promotion ’07 will make you giddy with excitement. That’s right, folks — effective immediately, Words For My Enjoyment will become a sans-comment zone. And while you’ll still be able to read glorious humor posts on a daily basis, you will not feel pressured, required, beholden or influenced to comment.

Because you won’t be able to.

At the end of the promotion (i.e., September 1st), comments will open back up and you’ll be like a starving guy on an island who just got handed a pack of anchovies. Or not. Either way, my decision to close them for the summer was the result of (a) it taking too much time throughout the day to moderate and approve comments… And (b) we all need a vacation now and again.

Don’t you think?

I’ll assume your silence and lack of comments mean you agree.