Getting ‘In Touch’ With Mr. Six

The Mr. Six reveal continues to capture the hearts of Americans everywhere.

This week’s edition of In Touch (February 20th issue) mentions my announcement of February 1st and devotes half a page to the solved mystery. They also go on to suggest that my recent discovery puts me second in line to marrying Angelina Jolie when Brad Pitt gets tired of lugging around those kids. I think I’m linked to Jessica Simpsons now, too. What can I say? That’s showbiz.

For those who don’t subscribe, you can check out a scan of the article here.

New York Post-age

You may remember last week when WFME revealed the true identity of Mr. Six and confirmed it like a big boy blog.

Today, The New York Post gives WFME the credit and takes the story even further. And while they didn’t reach Danny Teeson for comment (or crouch inside his kitchen pantry in an attempt to scare him just as much as he’s scared us over the years), we still admire their ability to give credit where credit is due.

Thanks to The New York Post for giving Words For My Enjoyment some good-time Monday morning love.

Mr. Six Revealed! (Part 2)

The floodgates continue to open.

Yesterday’s announcement here on WFME as to the true identity of Mr. Six (Danny Teeson) has inspired others to go digging, including Mark Evanier who uncovered an actual reference to Teeson’s name on the Professional Vision Care & F/X website (they do vision props for TV/Film and commercials).

I put in a call to the company, Professional Vision Care Associates this morning to confirm this information.

Mr. Six Revealed!

Some mysteries are never solved.

Like Stonehenge, Roswell and Jimmy Hoffa. Like Oak Island, the assassination of JFK, and what the monster is on the island in Lost. From the Bermuda Triangle, Jack the Ripper and thousands more cases — the world is filled with unsolved and un-proven mysteries that continue to inspire exploration, investigation and introspection.

Today, we have one less mystery to solve.

You may or may not remember that I had previously been on a search for Mr. Six, the Six Flags Magic Mountain iconic commercial character who danced his way into all of our hearts via the Venga Boys tunes. Yet, no matter how close I thought I had come to solving the mystery, the old-time dancing fool eluded me…and the Six Flags Corporation refused to fess up to his true identity.

Searching Out Mr. Six

It started with a press release.

Oklahoma City, March 19, 2004 — For the first time in seven years, Six Flags is launching a national advertising campaign and introducing a mysterious new icon representing family fun.

The surprisingly spry, bald-headed character featured in the television spots travels in a colorful retro style bus bringing his signature music – “We Like to Party” by the Vengaboys – and an irresistible invitation to leave the boredom, stress and pressures of everyday life behind, to families across America. He quickly has Dad dropping the rake, Mom putting down the garden hose, and Junior abandoning the lawn mower in an easy decision to take the short trip to Six Flags and a day filled with sheer enjoyment.