Memorial Day MP3

Aaaaaand, the tradition continues.

Today, on this glorious off-work Memorial Day, WFME brings you yet another free, unfettered release of another glorious Memorial Day MP3! A song that you can download, listen to, share with your friends, and hide somewhere secret when you’re not using it so the music police don’t catch you.

Remember, first rule of Memorial Day MP3? You don’t talk about Memorial Day MP3. Second rule of Memorial Day MP3? Eh, go ahead. Talk about it.

This week, MDMP3 brings you a great song from the UK-based band The Feeling. The song, “Never Be Lonely” is one of the best off their new album “Twelve Stops and Home.” The band, sort of a mix between Supertramp and Elton John, has a fun, unique sound that I think you may just enjoy.

You can listen to the song here.

A Giant Music Explosion

They Might Be Giants, often considered the most off-kilter band on the face of the Earth has finally come out with their newest album The Else. While currently only available for the next month as an iTunes download (the official CD plus full-length bonus disc will be available in stores in June), I had to post this awesome song from the new album for your persual, in-loveness, and subsequent download.

The song is called “The Mesopotamians” and is a rallying cry for all who feel like a Mesopotamian. Now if only I could get someone to write me a theme song like this called “The Pauly D” — everything would be right in the world.

Give it a listen here.

It’s Time For Me To Apologize For This Compilation

Some people will be celebrating a holiday today in which they will ask God forgiveness for their sins. For others, like me, I will be asking my readers forgiveness for this compilation tape, which contains all the WFME podcasts and which could (if I was a blogwhore) sell as a special edition CD with scratch n’ sniff liner notes.

But alas, instead I’d like to give you some behind-the-scenes trivia about each of these podcasts that you may use in your everyday conversation free of charge.

Cough, Podcast, Cough
The podcast that began it all where I lampoon all those other podcast creators who think that using voice effects while they whisper the title of their podcast over and over again makes it professional. Trivia: If you listen carefully during my pauses, you’ll hear 7th Heaven star Jessica Biel telling me “the mac and cheese is done.”

Memorial Day MP3

The free-music Memorial Day tradition continues.

Come once a year on Memorial Day, I do my best to give up a free MP3 of a band I think you probably haven’t heard of, introducing you to new music, a warmth through your body you’ve never felt before and in doing so, run up my bandwidth so high that in about 4 1/2 weeks I’ll have to take the song back down.

But until then, it’s free!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a band called Matt Pond PA. Don’t ask me what their name means, if they’re really from PA (Pennsylvania) or if they live near a pond. Instead, why not listen to their great song So Much Trouble off their newest album Several Arrows Later. With a slew of previous CDs, if you like this you may find you’ve got tons of new music to snag.

Enjoy! And Merry Memorial Day to you and yours.

Jon Cryer Doesn’t Have An iPod

I swung by the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for a Saturday afternoon non-coffee ice-cream feeling drink yesterday when I found myself more interested in the man sitting in the high-back, soft-corner chair of the establishment. He was sucking down one of those vanilla-blended drinks and he was listening to an iPod.

The man was none other than Jon Cryer, these days known for the awfully generic “funny kid and two mis-matched male father figure” show Two and a Half Men (which ironically we saw when it was called My Two Dads and Airwolf). And while most people know him for his role as Ducky in John Hughes’ Some Kind of Wonderful Pretty In Pink, it didn’t really matter much because at that particular moment in time I had dubbed him “celebrity in the corner with the iPod.”