The Benefactor Is Coming

If you’ve been watching ABC lately, you’ve probably seen the ads.

ABC is way pushing The Benefactor which is the reality show I worked on from about February until July this year. If you’re new to the site, most of my May posts were from Dallas where I was on location producing the show. It was a great experience and the show turned out excellently.


So, you remember that sizzle reel I was working on for The Benefactor? Well, it’s mysteriously shown up on Mark Cuban’s blog this evening, so you can get a chance to check it out.

Here comes the buzz, my friends. Here comes the buzz.

Promo for The Benefactor

Well, the promo I helped put together for Mark Cuban’s appearance on CNNfn last week is now being served up on Mark Cuban’s blog. So, if you’re interested in seeing some footage of the show, go ahead and click here and follow his links.

Windows Media doesn’t do it justice (especially not to the sound) but you’ll get the idea if you’re interested.

Mark Cuban on CNNfn

For those chomping at the bit to find out or see more about The Benefactor, Mark Cuban was on CNNfn today at 3:30pm ET. During his 10-15 minutes on the channel, he talked about elements from the show and shared a video trailer for the show itself.

Knowing how CNNfn works, it will end up airing again tonight at 6 hour intervals, which puts it back on somewhere around 9:30pm ET and 3:30am ET.

Production Diary 1.503

Aaah, sweet fatigue.

I am now officially two weeks from wrapping up work on The Benefactor and heading back to sunny Los Angeles. For those who read my previous post that said I was previously two weeks from wrapping up and coming back to L.A., just so you know I was deathly tired at that point and thought I was writing you from an igloo in Antarctica. Now, I’m back.