The Benefactor Lost Scenes

You saw the show. Now it’s time to see what you didn’t see whilest seeing it. Yeah. Oh yeah.

Last night’s finale of The Benefactor which continued its tradition of coming in fourth place in the ratings, was in fact a combination of the original final three episodes. There was a lot missing, and here’s what you would have seen if it had been divided up into a sixth, seventh and eighth episode:

Episode Six
Mark visits each of the remaining three player’s hometowns. First, he goes to Boston where he meets Linda’s finacee and her mother. Linda takes Mark to the gym where she works out and the two of them have a sweaty old good time. What follows is a dinner at a nice restaurant with Linda and her family and friends. Then, Mark goes to her house (which you saw) and is amazed at her luxurious digs. More of the same there.

The Benefactor Finale

Well, tonight is the night.

After (cough) a mere six weeks, The Benefactor will finally reveal how a network can take three episodes of a reality TV show and pack it into one. It will, obviously, do a disservice to the footage that was initially supposed to make it to TV screens across the country — but then again this is TV: and there’s no crying in TV. (Except on hour-long dramas with adultery.)

Originally, the last three episodes included the following (there are no spoilers here, FYI):

Episode 6: Down to three players, Mark visits each of their hometowns, staying with their families and getting to know more about them. At the end of this episode, Mark would get rid of one, leaving only two contestants.

Benefactor Monday

Tonight is the fourth episode of the amazing, world-changing, hit show The Benefactor.

Before I talk about this week’s show, I’d love to direct your attention to the picture above — which was put up on the show’s ABC site. It’s yet another one of those examples of reality TV shows including and not including certain scenes due to the time restraint of 43 minutes per hour show.

The above sequence was actually a great moment in the show, which took place prior to the kicking-off of Mario and William. It happened the night before the teams were picked to entertain Mark. So, in fact, although ABC has lumped this picture in the Episode 3 picture gallery online, this event took place the night before Episode 2 actually was shot.

Premiere of The Benefactor

I watched the premiere of The Benefactor last night.

Mind you, as I had just moved and currently had no cable or DirecTV, I had to bully a friend into letting me come over and watch. Mind you, it was supposed to start at 8pm but didn’t start here on the West Coast until 9:15 because of the game. I fear, deep down, that being delayed by Monday Night Football may have a negative effect on the show.

As for the show itself, I can see the seams.

Countdown to The Benefactor

Oh, how I remember when I was in Dallas working on The Benefactor.

About four months later, here we sit…on the eve of the show hitting the airwaves. To be specific, The Benefactor premieres on Monday, September 13th (a mere week from Monday) at 8pm in all time zones. And in honor of such an event, ABC has seen fit to activate the official site.

A little insight into the production process of the show can be gleaned by looking through WFME’s May archives.

So, if you’re a reality TV fan and you’re looking for something a little bit different, embodied in the body of one billionaire host named Mark Cuban, then you just may want to check out The Benefactor when it premieres.