Not So Lost

You’d think with May sweeps upon us, ABC would do all they could to keep people intrigued and immersed in the world that is Lost.

I, myself, have been intrigued lately, especially with Lost‘s Michael. A single African-American father who went to Sydney in the first place after his wife had suddenly passed away, Michael reconnected with his son (who he hadn’t seen in years) and then the two of them (and their dog) crashed down on a remote island in the Ocean. Really, Michael has not had it easy. And I felt for him.

My Elaborate Solution to What’s Happening on ABC’s Lost

If you don’t want me to ruin the rest of the season of ABC’s hit show LOST for you, please turn away now. Begone! Do not lay thous eyes upon herest wordest.

For those who don’t care, please. Continue.

If you’ve watched Lost from the beginning, you are well aware of the concept. A plane of passengers crashes down on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere and its inhabitants are trapped without any real opportunity for rescue. The band of ragtag frequent fliers include a doctor, a father and his son, a brother and his step-sister (with whom he’s slept with), a rebellious criminal, an overweight fat guy, a washed-up UK rock star has-been, a hot chick with a dark past, an Asian couple who doesn’t speak English except for the wife who really does but hasn’t told her husband she can speak it, a pregnant woman (who is no longer pregnant), Tom Cruise’s cousin William Mapother, and many many insignificant others.