WFME’s Fad Watch ’07

A month long research project has finally reached the end.

That project, to scour the entire geographical location called Los Angeles, observe the fads currently being practiced by said Angelenos, then proclaim in writing here on this digital workspace said referenced fads that are shaping the cultural landscape of this great over-inflated, self-obsessed city of people. Wielding only my excellent sense of perception and a small pad of paper, I took to the streets and jumped right into the middle of the fadtastic melee.

The result? WFME’s Fad Watch ’07.

The General Los Angeles Population Seems To Be Obsessed With The Missing Polar Bear From ABC’s ‘Lost’

[At the Coffee Bean]

Her: “What I want to know is where the polar bear has gone.”
Him: “It’s a big island. He could be anywhere.”
Her: “Well, it’s a big TROPICAL island. He’d want to stay somewhere cool.”
Him: “There’s a lot of shade on that island. He’ll be okay.”

## ## ##

[At the Comic Book Shop]

Guy #1: “I think the polar bear is also that amorphous black smoke creature as well.”
Guy #2: “What, he’s a shapeshifting polar bear?”
Guy #1: “There’s a shapeshifter on that show Heroes.”
Guy #2: “Exactly why ABC wouldn’t have a shapeshifting polar bear on their show.”
Guy #1: “Dude, don’t you know anything about how competitive the TV landscape is? I’m surprised Gil Grissom on CSI isn’t a shapeshifter by now.”

## ## ##

[At the Hair Salon]

Girl #1: “And he told me there was a polar bear on the show…so I watched it with him.”
Stylist: “Ohh, cute.”
Girl #1: “But there wasn’t a polar bear on the show.”
Sylist: “Oh, no?”
Girl #1: “Well, there was at some point early on. But then I guess the polar bear disappeared or something and no one’s seen the polar bear in awhile, although my boyfriend says there’s no way they could introduce a polar bear and then not have the polar bear show up again later on…so we’re still waiting on the polar bear I guess.”
Stylist: “Ohh, cute.”

Subject Line Here

Does it scare you more than it scares me that all these bloggers have headshots?

While you debate that fact, I’ll just give you a friendly reminder here that the above eight people will be performing this Friday at Improv Olympic in Subject Line Here to benefit a worthwhile charity.

If you’re in Los Angeles, plan on being here, or have one of those personal private corporate jets always gassed up and ready to take you anywhere, swing on by this Friday night. These talented bloggers will be reading their favorite blog entries on stage, in front of a live audience…and without a net whatsoever.

Words On Stage

It was only a matter of time until Bloggers took their words into the real world.

And that’s exactly what Subject Line Here is — 8 Bloggers (not 10 as the tentative ad says) will get up on stage and read/perform/emote pieces that have previously appeared on their blog in some shape and form… And all the proceeds from admissions to the event will go to the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.

The bloggers performing include yours truly and Shane Nickerson, Wil Wheaton, Jessica Stover, AJ Gentile, Carly Milne, Anne Sertich and Colleen Wainwright. I don’t know about you, but that’s an All-Star bunch if I ever saw one.

The show takes place a week from Friday night (6/16) at the Improv Olympic space in Hollywood. Tickets are $15.

Spread the word.

Three Real Conversations And One Fake One

[At The Coffee Shop]

Man: “Have you ever done anything really illegal?”
Woman: “I killed my hamster accidentally as a child.”
Man: “I don’t know if that’s technically something illegal.”
Woman: “You can go to jail for involuntary man-slaughter.”
Man: “True, true.”

[At The Virgin Megastore, Looking at DVD’s]

Guy #1: “My wife said that her buying black shoes is like me buying DVDs.”
Guy #2: “That makes no sense whatsoever.”
Guy #1: “Exactly what I said. Like I’d go out and buy the same DVD more than once.”
Guy #2: “Well, you do have all three versions of American Pie.”

[Next To Me, At A Restaurant]

Patron: “I’m sort of on a restricted diet.”
Waitress: “Well, what can you have… what can’t you have?”
Patron: “No sugar.”
Waitress: “Not a problem, we have a bunch of-“
Patron: “And no carbs.”
Waitress: “Oh. Um, well still. There’s some-“
Patron: “And I’m not a big fan of fish and chicken.”
Waitress: “That’s a pretty restricted diet.”
Patron: “Yeah. Can I just have coffee?”

[Walking Down Melrose Avenue, Shopping]

Girl #1: “And he said he wanted to take over the world.”
Girl #2: “In bed? To you?”
Girl #1: “Yeah, isn’t that a weird thing to say, right after?”
Girl #2: “Maybe he meant like he wanted to take you out or something.”
Girl #1: “Well, I asked him. I said, do you mean that you want to take me out for food?”
Girl #2: “…?”
Girl #1: “He said, no. He wanted to take over the world.”
Girl #2: “How does he expect to do that with a job at Baja Fresh?”