Bonding With My Identical Cellf

Have you run into your identical cellf?

To even explain what it means, I have to break out an old 90’s term that you may or may not remember. That term, is none other than auto-mate. Did you ever run across your auto-mate in the past? Someone driving the same identical automobile that you were driving? And did you pass by them on a side-street or the freeway, both notice how much you had in common and give each other a friendly smile and a knowing glance?

These days, I keep running into my identical cellf (or the guy who has the same exact cell phone as I do).

The Secret of Life Cereal

Most people want to know what the secret of Life cereal is.

Walk down the street of your local neighborhood or in and around coffee shops, parks and supermarkets…and listen closely to the conversations people are having. There’s talk of war, peace, relationships, the soul, G-d and so much more — but every conversation is surrounded and wrapped in the cloth of a question we all ask ourselves late at night, when everything is silent…and dark. People everywhere want to know what the secret of Life cereal is.

And today…I’m here to shed light on just that question.

Today’s Brief Question About Life Maybe Possibly Being A Highway And My Thoughts On Not Wanting To Be Riding It All Night Long

Sure, life may be a highway.

But honestly? Even if life was a highway, would you really want to be riding it all night long? I mean, sure it’s a metaphor so to speak, but isn’t that metaphor basically saying that life is a looooooong long road and that it goes on forever and might as well just ride it without stopping, even throughout the entire night without ever taking a break? Not even to shack up in a motel or anything?

You just don’t live life that way, people. You just don’t.