Cut-Up TV

Do you love TV and Movies? What about mashups?

Well, if you’ve always wanted to watch what would happen if different shows and movies got mixed up together in one quirky show, then Cut-Up is for you. This is a new show I got involved with and this is our first short-reel of what the show could turn into. Would love to know your thoughts if you have ’em!

Give Cut-Up some linky-love if you enjoy. The Official Site is also up as well.

I Could Be Your Goth, Heavy Metal, Nerdy, Quirky or Jerky Lab Worker On Your New Procedural Network Show

Got a new procedural crime or investigative show hitting the airwaves?

Have a section in said previously aforementioned show where lab workers help the key characters by testing, observing, researching, alluding to, and/or pontificating about complicated liquid, genetic or physical evidence? Need to spice things up on said previously aforementioned procedural crime show by making previously referenced “lab worker” a goth, heavy metal, nerdy, quirky or jerky kind of pop-off-the-page character?

If so, I’m totally, whole-heartedly your man.

This Post Will Be About My Displeasure With The Changing Of The Law & Order Font

They went ahead and did it.

Just when you thought they weren’t going to do it, they turned around and did it without any warning, discussion, debate, diatribe, dialogue, conversation, petition, proposal or primer. Just when you thought a show that had been on for over a decade had settled into getting things right and keeping them that way, they went ahead and threw us all for a loop.

They changed the font for Law & Order.