An Excerpt From My New Play, “The Falcon and the Snowman”

[A Falcon (played by an actor) lands on a tree branch above a Snowman (anchored in snow, and also played by a thespian of some kind.)]

Falcon: “Shreeeeeeeeeeeee!”
Snowman: “Excuse me?”
Falcon: “Caaaaaaaaaw caaaaaaaaaaaw.”
Snowman: “Caw, caw?”

[The Falcon nods, affirmatively.]

Snowman: “Still lost, buddy.”
Falcon: “Hreeeeeeeeeeee!”
Snowman: “One more time.”
Falcon: “Hreeeeeeeeeeee!”
Snowman: “Hre?”

[The Falcon nods, affirmatively.]

Snowman: “Yeah, still gonna have to plead ignorance on that one too.”

I Refuse To Say ‘Uno’ In Uno

All I ever wanted in life was a little consistency.

Honestly, is wanting consistency in the world that surrounds me really that much to ask for? Is wanting the world and the rules and the laws to make sense really something so outlandish to desire? Is hoping for Peace on Earth really going to happen and are people really going to get along if chaos is being secretly engineered behind the scenes by those in charge? I say no.

That’s why I refuse to say “Uno!” in UNO.