Seth Green Doesn’t Like To Be Seen At Rite-Aid

Apparently, Seth Green thinks being seen at the Rite-Aid Pharmacy, is a bad thing.

You’d think that if celebrities didn’t have a problem being seen at Starbucks and The Coffee Bean and Ralph’s Supermarket and Hugo’s restaurant and the Arclight Cinemas and The Soup Plantation and my favorite French restaurant and the dog park and the patio furniture store and 24 Hour Fitness, that being seen at my favorite local drug store wouldn’t be a problem either.

Well, for Seth Green…apparently it is.

Today’s Page Six Article About Katie Holmes (From The Future)

Los Angeles — Warner Bros. executives were stunned today when Katie Holmes, co-star of the hugely successful “Batman Begins” informed them that she would not be honoring her contractual agreements to co-star in the anticipated sequel. Holmes’ lawyers, who declined to comment specifically, submitted legal documents today which ended up on The Smoking Gun‘s website and which laid out the reasons why Holmes has decided to put her career in jeopardy by going against her contract.

Ian Ziering is Following Me

You may recall back in February when I spotted Ian Ziering working out at my gym.

It was, to say the least, shocking that one of the stars from Beverly Hills, 90210, a guy with tons of syndication money arriving at his mailbox daily, would settle on working out at a Magic Johnson owned 24 Hour Fitness club.

But that seemingly, was just the beginning.

The chain of events, which has recently been revealed to me goes a little something like this:

Lily Costner: Drugstore Edition

It seems Lily Costner and I are on the outs.

As our circle of friends were constantly hanging out with each other, I opened up that chapter of my life last year when I mentioned her and our slurpee-getting back in early 2004. Then she came by again just to show off her Hummer, which her dad (Kevin Costner) had purchased for her.

Lily is, obviously, one of those girls who comes in and out of your life when it serves her well — and I’m not saying that in a mean way, or a critical way…just in a matter of fact way. She calls when she needs comforting or someone to talk to, so when I randomly run into her in public (without her expecting to see me) it’s sometimes a weird situation.

A Hollywood Story In Which All The Names Have Been Changed To Cartoon Characters To Protect Them From Gossip-Hungry Net-Savvy Rag Mags

Betty Rubble was trolling for free drinks again.

I’d seen Betty out at Sunset Boulevard bars before — but this time she could barely hold onto the edge of the bar, swaying with the bar as if it was riding out an earthquake classified as an 8.5 on the Richter.

Her friend, Smurfette was sitting on Quick Draw McGraw’s lap over in the couch area. But Betty, well, she hungrily watched as single guys walked by — trying to catch each of their eyes and then asking them (when they took the bait), if they wanted to buy her a drink.

After watching this successful little ploy work for Betty Rubble many many times, that 8.5 was quickly becoming a 12.9. She was holding on for dear life.