The Auto-Eater Driver’s Test

I have a problem with auto-eaters.

These are the people who drive with one hand (or no hands) and ingest their entire lunch in the process. They are worse than makeupper-drivers, cellphoner-drivers and lostaquarterintheseat-drivers. They are truly the most dangerous thing on the road.

That’s why, if you ask me — everyone who is an auto-eater should be given an additional written test when they go to get their license (and periodically throughout their driving career) to ensure they know what to do in a myriad of situations. That is why WFME would like to present to you the Auto-Eater Driver’s Examination Test.

Please, answer the questions only if you surely know the answers.

The Fast Food Tides Are Changing

[At the drive-thru]

Me: “Cheeseburger meal please.”
Them: “Do you want a salad with that?”
Me: “A salad? No thanks.”
Them: “It’ll balance out the meal, no?”
Me: “No thanks. Just the cheeseburger meal.”
Them: “The salads are really good, much better than before.”
Me: “It’s too much food.”
Them: “Then, just the salad?”
Me: “Cheese. Burgers. Fries. Coke. Thanks.”
Them: “How about a water?”