WFME’s Fad Watch ’07

A month long research project has finally reached the end.

That project, to scour the entire geographical location called Los Angeles, observe the fads currently being practiced by said Angelenos, then proclaim in writing here on this digital workspace said referenced fads that are shaping the cultural landscape of this great over-inflated, self-obsessed city of people. Wielding only my excellent sense of perception and a small pad of paper, I took to the streets and jumped right into the middle of the fadtastic melee.

The result? WFME’s Fad Watch ’07.

Don’t Do The Fondue

Seems that people are buying into “the fondue” these days, almost as much as they’re buying into The Secret.

In the last month, everywhere I go, people are asking me if I “do the ‘due” and they’re not talking about soda. They’re talking about a restaurant where, for $125 per person, you are supposed to be extremely excited to (a) cook your own food over a flame, (b) dip poultry, beef and fish into a vat of melted cheese, (c) dip bread on skewers into another hot vat of cheese, (d) dip marshmallows into a third vat of chocolate, and (e) finish up with some cheese. I refuse to be on such a choleste-role

…and you should, too.