Words For Your Enjoyment: Lost Words

No, this isn’t a post about Lost.

Instead, today’s post will serve to announce that my still-new book The Lost Blogs has done so well out there in the real world that it looks as if we’ll be moving into the land of “Second Printing.” Which is a good thing. Which makes me happy. Which makes me want to give away free First Edition signed copies of the book.

So today, for your enjoyment, that’s just what we’re going to do. But with a twist.

But instead of sending you off on a scavenger hunt throughout the Blogosphere and instead of asking you to be the first person to be lightning-quick e-mailer amaze-a-tron, I will instead ask you to read the following paragraph:

This Post Will Be More Self-Reflexive Than Funny

Sometimes it’s worth just getting caught up on everything.

That’s why today’s post will be more self-reflexive than funny. More of a true-to-life story than a sitcom. Funny in parts, ironically, rather than funny for the sake of being funny. You might actually learn something in this post due to the fact that it’s being written as a more self-reflexive post than a funny post.

It’s amazing how I can make a paragraph contain so many words without saying much whatsoever.

On the The Lost Blogs front, things are getting exciting. (In fact, if you don’t belong to The Lost Blogs update list and you’re interested in exciting monthly updates — go ahead and join.)

The Treasure Hunt Solution

Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

With today’s treasure hunt came happiness, emotional unstability, torture, disgust, depression, angst in social situations, coughing fits, urinary tract infections and above all…three winners: Shane, Pierce and C Ro.

If you’re someone who likes to be challenged and you want to at least try to solve the riddle — don’t check out the spoilers below. If you aren’t someone who likes to be challenged and you curse such riddles, feel free to check out the answers below. If you hate me, well…I’ll have to live with it.

A brand new day at WFME,
down one, across five — and ye shall see,
a variety of founders, and regulars too,
find one in the “nick of time” and you’ll know what to do.

Return of the Blog Treasure Hunt (Again)

You have asked incessantly for the return of the blog treasure hunt. Well, who am I to deny you of such a frustrating experience?

That’s right.

So, without further adieu — I’ll give you the quick 411. Click into this post and ye shall find a variety of clues in rhyming poetic form. (Is there any other way to run a blog treasure hunt?) The clues will take you in and around the world of blogs, and eventually ask you for a final answer — that which you will only be able to answer if you’ve followed the clues to a T. The first two people to submit the answer via the WFME submission form will win a signed copy of my first book Consumer Joe. For those who already have one — tough.