When Change Askers Are Not So Good At Improv

Him: “Can you spare some change for a good cause?”
Me: “What’s the cause?”
Him: “Our mission raises money for the less fortunate.”
Me: “Like who?”
Him: “Like those who are in need.”
Me: “And how do I know that those in need will benefit from my donation?”
Him: “I’m wearing this uniform to confirm my employment by the mission.”
Me: “It’s just a white uniform.”
Him: “But it is symbolic of the work we do.”
Me: “The color is symbolic of the work you do, or the uniform itself?”
Him: “The color. White. It means we do good things.”
Me: “How is white a ‘doing a good thing’ color?”
Him: “Hospitals are white. They do good things.”
Me: “Sometimes they’re sued for malpractice, though.”
Him: “Well, this is sort of an off-white color anyway.”

WFME Is Now Officially Recognized As A Non-Profit For-Profit Philanthropical Charity Organization

“Oh my god.”

These were the words dangling forth from my lips yesterday when I hinted at the big changes a comin’ for Words For My Enjoyment. For over three years this site has functioned as a personal humor blog, entertaining readers from across the World with my own words — and hopefully making a difference at every turn where it mattered. And yet, I felt as if something was missing. Something important. Until now.

Until I officially filed papers, making WFME (effective immediately) a non-profit, for profit, philanthropical charity organization.

Subject Line Here

Does it scare you more than it scares me that all these bloggers have headshots?

While you debate that fact, I’ll just give you a friendly reminder here that the above eight people will be performing this Friday at Improv Olympic in Subject Line Here to benefit a worthwhile charity.

If you’re in Los Angeles, plan on being here, or have one of those personal private corporate jets always gassed up and ready to take you anywhere, swing on by this Friday night. These talented bloggers will be reading their favorite blog entries on stage, in front of a live audience…and without a net whatsoever.