I’m Officially Done With Bricks

I don’t know what the big deal is about bricks.

Talk to someone who loves bricks and they probably live in a house that contains bricks. Talk to someone who doesn’t live in a house of bricks and they probably have a construction company. Talk to someone who doesn’t live in a house of bricks or work in construction and you’ll probably come face to face with an old-school, granite/brick-loving fool who doesn’t realize that it’s time to take a giant leap into the future and be done with the bricks once and for all.

Yeah. I’m officially done with bricks.

Words For Your Enjoyment: Names on Bricks

Ah, glorious Friday.

And what better way to enjoy the day before an extremely-long holiday weekend than to point your eyes in the direction of this weeks’ “Words For Your Enjoyment? Where the readers supply the ideas, they get a little bit of credit for doing so, and I do my best to craft a myriad of words for all of you on the subject.

And well, today — yes, it’s no different.

This week, WFYE submission two-timer Mark writes: “Can you give us your thoughts on people who spend money to have their names put on bricks? This is really becoming widespread.”

Indeed it is, Mark.