WFME Will Be Knighted

If the Queen can knight real people, then why can’t she knight blogs?

The only answer to the above question is, “because no blogs have asked to, or expressed interest in being knighted simply because no blogs assumed they could be knighted, thus the lack of acting on getting knighted.” That’s why, effective immediately, I will begin my campaign to get this blog knighted by the lovely, endearing Queen of England.

In each post I will elaborate on one virtue that I believe is a reason for this blog to be knighted. Today’s virtue? None other than…

Pen-Swordedness Skills

Since knights must be skilled in the art of war and must be able to wield a sword… And since the pen is mightier than the sword… And since I am a writer and my pen is mightier than the knight’s sword… That makes me mightier than the knight who has been knighted by the Queen of England. And if I, the author of said blog, is mightier than the knight, using my pen-swordedness to do so, then this blog shall be knighted.

Oh yeah. I can taste the crumpets already.

Look At It As A Vacation From Your Vacation

First rule of coming back from a proposed redesign? You don’t talk about the proposed redesign.

Second rule of coming back from a proposed redesign in which comments were shut down prior to aforementioned proposed redesign but then the blog came back without a new look and comments re-applied? You don’t talk about the aforementioned redesign and/or the comments coming back.

It’s a long story and something I’ll get into when I can.

But in the meantime, if any of you are still out there — you may rejoice or mutter curses under your breath. Words For My Enjoyment has returned. Has it returned to it’s full power of days gone by? A full every day posting schedule for all to enjoy? Maybe, maybe not. That remains to be seen.

But what is for sure is the posts are a comin’.

Redesign 3.0

For those only reading WFME via RSS-feed, let this be your official announcement that Words For My Enjoyment is now entering it’s third redesign period.

That being said, you won’t find any new posts for a little bit, as we work to redesign and build-up the site from the ground up. Archives and podcast and media pages will remain intact (as will the URLs of all the old posts) up until the very last minute, so you can enjoy reminding yourself about my big head or unsymmetrical face whenever you feel the need. Or, you can wait for version 3.0 of WFME.

Currently, the timeline is a bit hazy — but I hope to have more details soon!

Think Of It As A Vacation For Your Fingers

Do your fingers hurt as much as mine?

If they do, then WFME’s We Love Your Fingers And Want To Save Them Summer Promotion ’07 will make you giddy with excitement. That’s right, folks — effective immediately, Words For My Enjoyment will become a sans-comment zone. And while you’ll still be able to read glorious humor posts on a daily basis, you will not feel pressured, required, beholden or influenced to comment.

Because you won’t be able to.

At the end of the promotion (i.e., September 1st), comments will open back up and you’ll be like a starving guy on an island who just got handed a pack of anchovies. Or not. Either way, my decision to close them for the summer was the result of (a) it taking too much time throughout the day to moderate and approve comments… And (b) we all need a vacation now and again.

Don’t you think?

I’ll assume your silence and lack of comments mean you agree.

This Post Was Meant For Yesterday

I made a huge screw up.

See, yesterday’s post — which dealt with 10 words that don’t sound like words once you say them thirty times, was actually meant for tomorrow, while today’s post was meant for yesterday. The ripple effect of such a situation also caused tomorrows post, which was supposed to be two days from now to be a week from now, thus causing next week’s posts to be shuffled and re-posted to February 2007.

Needless to say, I’m a bit embarrassed.