I’m Here For You, Fellow Blackberriers

What makes people feel connected?

For some, it’s a familial connection. For others, a shared experience. Others feel connected by those who share similar religious values, grew up in similar towns, or even wear the same kind of clothes or styles. And then there are others who feel connections based on the jobs they have, the places they work or the people they know.

Sadly for me, I’m abnormally connected to people who have a Blackberry device.

If you don’t know what a Blackberry is, you’ve been living under a rock that has no Wi-Fi. It’s a phone and it’s a personal organizer that retrieves your e-mail and allows you to text message people and which has games and allows you to surf the web and so on and so on. There’s even support groups for people who are addicted to using these Crackberries too much, too often.