The Best of Words

And yet another year comes to a close.

In previous years, WFME established a tradition that on the last day of the year we take a comprehensive look back at “the Best of” from the last twelve months.

Well, 2006 is no different.

And so, for those new readers who recently made WFME a daily stop and to those who have been coming by since time began (i.e. December 2003) — we give you our favorite picks from 2006. We hope if you haven’t read them before you give them a first look…and if you already have, pretend that you haven’t.

WFME’s Best Of…

January 2006
The Washcloth Conspiracy

February 2006
Mr. Six Revealed

March 2006
Today’s Prognosis on Soup in a Bread Bowl

April 2006
If My Left Hand Was a Piece of Steak and My Right Hand Was a Tuba

May 2006
10 Rules for Eating Out of The Garbage

June 2006
I Should Not Be Held Accountable for Killing My Hamster

July 2006
I Am Afraid of Lime Juice That Isn’t Mine
AMEX, Podcast, AMEX Bonus! Audio Podcast!

August 2006
Today We Will Vote Out One of Yesterday’s Commenters

September 2006
I Want to Be Asked By Underage Kids to Buy Them Alcohol

October 2006
Tums Are The New Flintstones Chewable Vitamins

November 2006
Today’s Rebellious Thoughts on Lap Napkining

December 2006
WFME’s You Decide: Give a Man a Fish or Teach a Man to Fish?

To everyone who makes WFME a priority over your current family and job, we thank you. To everyone else, you’re not so bad either. Thanks again for contributing with your own wit, senses of humor and dark, scary evilness.

Happy New Year.

This Blog Is Better Than Your Psychologist

Look us in the eyes and you’ll know we’re telling the truth.

It seems that lately, posts that once were new and at the top of this page, have continued to live a long and healthy life in a place called “the archives” as more and more netizens search for the subjects that haunt their daily lives. Yet, ironic and heart-warming all at the same time is the fact that this blog is better than your own psychologist in helping you work through your issues.

Finally, WFME makes a contribution to society’s ills.

Words For Your Enjoyment: Best of Both Words

It’s pretty amazing when you look at the stats.

Words For My Enjoyment (or WFME for short) has been around in one form or another since August of 2003, which makes this August our Tricentennialog! (Don’t ask…yet.)

In addition, over that time, WFME has posted over 1250 different pieces and snagged over 14,000 comments in the process. In just the last year, WFME has pulled in over half-a-million unique visitors, and in my book that’s pretty damn sweet.

So why not take the time to highlight some of the Best Of WFME?

The Best Of Words

Another year of words has passed us by.

Last year we took a look at the year’s best from Words For My Enjoyment according to me. And now, here we sit (or stand, or crouch, or half-kneel/crouch) by the computer with another 400+ posts in the hopper.

For new WFME readers and those who have stood by in the past two and a half years — I give you, yet again, a look back at some of the best that ever was, ever has been, ever will be and ever can be. (By the way, I’m shedding a tear as I write this.)

WFME’s Best Of…

January 2005
My Impression of a Doorbell Will So Fool You

The Best Of Words

Even The Simpsons has clip shows.

But here at WFME it’s less about NOT having something to write about (“He Said, She Said”, “If I Had an English Accent”, “The Fear of Sweating” and “The Cult of Wipe” are all in the hopper ready to go) but more about giving some shout-outs to older words that may still be new for you.

So on this beautiful Saturday (I suspect it is, but I won’t leave the house today as I have 5 days until the final manuscript of my 2nd book is due) I would like to present to you this edition of The Best of Words and hope that for you, the newness overshadows your hatred for me and my lack of new.