It Seems Cylons Aren’t Perfect (And Neither Is Lucy Lawless’ Fingernail)

You may think I’m insane but I’m going to go here anyway.

If you’re a fan of the amazing Battlestar Galactica on SciFi Channel, then you know all about the beautiful human-looking cylons on the show. They’re perfect in every single way — and it’s no wonder because that’s how the Cylons made them out to be. Flawless, perfect and possessing no mutant genes whatsoever. And when you watch the show, specifically such actors as Trish Helfer and Lucy Lawless — you’re convinced that the Cylons knew what they were doing. And I was right there with all you fans.

That is, until I discovered that Lucy Lawless’ character, D’Anna Biers, has got a nasty fingernail mutation.

WFME’s Battlestar Friday

Sometimes people need vacations.

And if you’re like every other insane person out there, you often look at inanimate objects and apply personality traits to them. You talk to your plants, you coddle your blankets, you talk to the hand… Well then, shouldn’t a regular blog feature like “Words For Your Enjoyment” get a day off once in a blue moon due to the human fatigue it’s feeling?

That’s why our regularly scheduled WFYE has been replaced today [it will be back next week] with WFME’s Battlestar Friday!

If I Was On ‘Battlestar Galactica’

You may or may not be watching one of the greatest shows currently on television — Battlestar Galactica.

If you’re unaware of the show or the concept, it takes place in another part of our Universe in a totally different galaxy where a planet of human beings are attacked by robots called Cylons (which they created and which are now trying to eradicate the human race) and must escape to the stars to try and save their race. Each week they struggle to survive attacks, Cylon spies (some look just like humans now) and find the prophesized planet called ‘Earth’ so they may start a new life.

If I was on that show, man — things would be so different.