WFME’s Bad Job Wednesday: Highway Line-Painter

Welcome back to another edition of WFME’s Bad Job Wednesday.

Today, I’d like to talk a little bit about what has to be the worst job next to being a tollbooth taker. A job that requires zero passion, very little eye-hand coordination and absolutely zero people skills whatsoever. A job that most of us don’t even think of as a job because, well, it’s a pretty damn bad job.

It’s time to talk about the highway line-painter.

Without lines, society would be in chaos. Lines in the sand (figuratively, of course), lines at amusement parks and movieplexes and the lines that keep us (in our cars) from swerving out of control and slamming into someone else’s beloved mechanical beast. They are everywhere, they are different colors, they are dashed and dotted, raised and smooth, and they stretch from sea to shining sea.

WFME’s Bad Job Wednesday: Tollbooth Taker

Welcome to the premiere edition of WFME’s Bad Job Wednesday.

Were you aware that over 55% of people in the United States hate their jobs? Were you aware that they wake up in the morning and think to themselves, “Good god, not another day of this crap!”? Were you aware that when they’re at their job during the day, they often think about things other than their crappy jobs which just makes them even more hateful about their current job situations?

Were you aware that, today, we’re going to join in on the fun?