The Auto-Eater Driver’s Test

I have a problem with auto-eaters.

These are the people who drive with one hand (or no hands) and ingest their entire lunch in the process. They are worse than makeupper-drivers, cellphoner-drivers and lostaquarterintheseat-drivers. They are truly the most dangerous thing on the road.

That’s why, if you ask me — everyone who is an auto-eater should be given an additional written test when they go to get their license (and periodically throughout their driving career) to ensure they know what to do in a myriad of situations. That is why WFME would like to present to you the Auto-Eater Driver’s Examination Test.

Please, answer the questions only if you surely know the answers.

I Continue To Question Whether Or Not There Are Air Bags In My Car

I have previously mentioned my suspicions that there was no such thing as “air bags in our cars.”

People debated. Auto makers declined to respond. I poked and prodded my steering wheel with sharp objects that under normal collision situations would coax the elusive airbag from its darkened home. I did research online to see if (other than car commercials and car company websites) there were any sightings of an actual airbag being deployed. If people involved in accidents (pre-settlement) ever mentioned seeing one engage.

But nothing prepared me for my trip to the car dealership where all would become clear.

Backed Into Parked Car, Who’s At Fault?

Day 3 of WFME’s Week ‘o Searches welcomes you back.

This week WFME’s been taking search strings that have brought people to the site (which apparently has been responsible 56% of the time in finding this blog a new slew of readers) and answering the questions that the initially-faceless citizens of the Net have desperately wanted the answers to. Today? The classic “backed into parked car, who’s at fault” query people keep searching for.

Today’s post is for all you horrible drivers who wish you had a scapegoat available when you hit (yet another) car.