Hear Your Words

How often have you left a comment and lamented over the fact that, as a commenter, others can see your words but not hear them at all?

How often have you thought to yourself, “If only I could speak my mind instead of typing my mind, well — there’d never be any confusion as to my true emotional state of mind.” How often have you wished there was such a thing as the WFME Hotline, to which you could call (instead of type) your thoughts about any of last week’s posts, and give other WFME readers a chance to hear you for the first…time…ever?

Well, now you can rest easy knowing that today WFME is introducing Sunday’s Hear Your Words. That’s right — over the course of each week you’ll be able to call the WFME Hotline at (310) 469-7507 and leave your thoughts about any posts, or general worldwide events and hear the collection of said referenced audio thoughts each and every Sunday.

Yes. Sunday is all about hearing your words.

So get going. Let’s make this Premiere Sunday a day to remember. Click on continuing words to hear some of the voicemails just coming in now!

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Audio on Paper

I know my best and this just ain’t it.

But this audio clip of me talking to today’s phone solicitor from the Los Angeles Times is pretty amusing if for only one reason: the deep sigh of death that the solicitor lets loose when he realizes that this is going to be just another one “of those days.”

For that, it’s worth listening to.

Audio Winning Words

The e-mail came this morning.

Without warning, without ever entering any sweepstakes or lottery — I had won the El Gordo Spanish Sweestake Lottery S.A.. Total amount of winnings: $515,810.

All I had to do to retrieve my winnings was to call the number attached therein, ask for my lottery claim agent Mr. Alonzo Martinez, and before long I would be speeding down the freeway in my brand new Ferrari, with money stacked all around me! At least I thought so.

The following calls (part 1, part 2) just go to show you that nothing in life is free…but that most people will bend over backwards to believe that it is.

Broadcast Words

Sometimes, even a year or so after a book has been published, people can still be found who are talking about it. (You know, other than me.)

You may or may not know Comedian Craig Shoemaker, best known for his trademark “Lovemaster” character — but the guy also has his own syndicated radio show and spent an entire day reading letters from Consumer Joe and taking calls on the subject. You can listen to segments of the show in RealAudio and Windows Media on this page. Look for the audio clip with the header “Consumer Service Letters.”

In other news, WFME wings its way to Boston today and will be bringing you the best in observations about people who say “caaah” (and not, car). Really, aren’t there hours of hilarity in just that? WFME thinks so.

Sounds For Your Enjoyment: SBC Solicitors

If you’ve been an avid reader of WFME, you’ve been privy to my “screwing with phone solicitor” transcripts like this and this and this and this.

You asked, you pleaded…and so now ye shall receive. An actual audio recording of my latest call with a SBC phone services solicitor which can be listened to as a wav file or MP3.

Rule #1 of Phone Solicitors: Always take ALL the food out of your mouth before you call someone.