Look At It As A Vacation From Your Vacation

First rule of coming back from a proposed redesign? You don’t talk about the proposed redesign.

Second rule of coming back from a proposed redesign in which comments were shut down prior to aforementioned proposed redesign but then the blog came back without a new look and comments re-applied? You don’t talk about the aforementioned redesign and/or the comments coming back.

It’s a long story and something I’ll get into when I can.

But in the meantime, if any of you are still out there — you may rejoice or mutter curses under your breath. Words For My Enjoyment has returned. Has it returned to it’s full power of days gone by? A full every day posting schedule for all to enjoy? Maybe, maybe not. That remains to be seen.

But what is for sure is the posts are a comin’.

Words For Your Enjoyment: The WOMP

Today is a day that will live in infamy.

For instead of giving you words for your enjoyment here on this site, I am instead directing you to check out the brand spanking-new, shiny and lovely Official Website for The Lost Blogs.

While there, you’ll be able to read excerpts from the book, peruse press clippings and videos, read about news, signings and appearances and even purchase items in the WOMP store.

Oh, right. What’s the WOMP?

The World Organization for Manuscript Preservation. Responsible for unearthing these fictitious digital blogs that populate the book that is called The Lost Blogs, already previously referenced in paragraph two. With a rich history that only the insane could craft — the WOMP might as well be real. In fact, maybe it is. Perhaps.

So go. Enjoy. Learn something.

This Post Will Inform You That There’s Media To Peruse

Hey. There’s media to peruse.

A few things have come down the pike as of late, which includes a piece that ran on Media Bistro about my editor at Warner Books (and The Lost Blogs) and a new book called Putting Your Passion Into Print that includes an interview with me about how I got Consumer Joe published. I’ve also added an audio file from comedian Craig Shoemaker’s radio show that was dedicated to Consumer Joe. As always, links and more information can be found in the previously aforementioned section.

The 2nd Book, Revealed!

What would Jesus blog?

What would Confucius blog? How about Nostradamus? Jim Morrison, Richard Nixon, Captain Kangaroo and Julius Caesar? What would DaVinci have to say? What would 200 of History’s most famous, most well-known historical figures blog about if the technology had been available to them back in the day?

Well, the questions will finally be answered in The Lost Blogs.

Coming May 2006 from Warner Books is the book that is “the historically inaccurate and totally fictitious cyber diaries of everyone worth knowing” — covering figures from the dawn of time all the way up until just a few years ago. If they’re dead and famous, you can probably expect to read what they have to say.

The Curse of ‘Princes’

The Princes of Malibu are pissed.

Not only has Brandon and Brody Jenner’s mother Linda filed for divorce this past week from step-dad David Foster, but after only two episodes being aired on FOX — the show is being moved to a less than stellar location called (wait for it)… The Fox Reality Channel!

Heard of it? Have it? Hate it?

Either way, if you enjoyed the show then you’ll be able to catch the remaining four episodes starting this Sunday at 8:30pm ET on the cable channel (DirecTV subscribers have it, I don’t know about the rest of you). If you didn’t enjoy the show then you can revile in the fact that re-runs of The Simpsons will return in its place.