Today’s Overrated Element: Air

Call it air, call it oxygen. Call it whatever the hell you want.

I’m just a little fed up with all you pro-airites. You people who walk around on your high horse and proclaim, “Without air, we’d all die” and “Air is the lifeforce of all who live and breathe” and “Boy, it sure is airy today isn’t it?” All doing your best to continue what the government started — a worldwide obsession with an element that, in my humble opinion, is sort of a total and complete wash.

That’s right, people. Air is today’s overrated element.

Quotes From A Blogger

Let me ask you a question.

The day you find yourself transformed from a normal everyday blogger to a Related Resource & Link on a legitimate PBS blog that discusses culture, arts and film — what’s the next thing you do to keep your voice and your opinions in the forefront of the major media’s minds?

Yes, that’s right. You offer up even more opinions about a variety of subjects.

Seemingly, these days, newspapers and magazines and online sites are quoting bloggers on a variety of subjects. From politics to entertainment, from government conspiracies to money matters — what some bloggers say has become the digital gospel of the Internet world.

Which got me to thinking.