Homeless Folks Just Want Love, Too

[Outside my local Rite-Aid, where I’ve already had a slew of run-ins with the homeless.]

Him: “Spare some change, sir?”
Me: “Sorry, can’t.”
Him: “How about a hug?”
Me: “Excuse me?”
Him: “A hug. You know homeless people need love, too.”
Me: “Sorry, can’t.”

[I go into the store, buy my things, head back out — at which point I’m accosted by my friendly neighborhood homeless guy once again.]

Him: “You shouldn’t be afraid of emotion.”
Me: “Oh yeah?”
Him: “C’mon, just give me a squeeze.”

[Afraid of the homeless man’s emotional connection to me, I start making my way to my parked car with him still shouting after me…]

Him: “C’mon!! Just one hug!”
Me: “NO.”
Him: “Just a squeeze!?”
Me: “NO!”

[And I get in my car and drive away — watching to see if he’s asking other people for hugs. Which he’s not. Which makes me even more nervous about coming back tomorrow for my prescription drugs.]

In other news, don’t miss tomorrow’s “Words For Your Enjoyment” — we’ve got a very special WFYE Reader Reunion happening tomorrow. That’s where all the commenters who ever commented on WFME since 2003 will be stopping by to chime in and say hello, tell you what they’ve been doing, show off their trophy wives, husbands & partners and give last year’s WFME Holiday Party a run for its trafficky-money.

Quotes From A Blogger

Let me ask you a question.

The day you find yourself transformed from a normal everyday blogger to a Related Resource & Link on a legitimate PBS blog that discusses culture, arts and film — what’s the next thing you do to keep your voice and your opinions in the forefront of the major media’s minds?

Yes, that’s right. You offer up even more opinions about a variety of subjects.

Seemingly, these days, newspapers and magazines and online sites are quoting bloggers on a variety of subjects. From politics to entertainment, from government conspiracies to money matters — what some bloggers say has become the digital gospel of the Internet world.

Which got me to thinking.

WFME’s Rules of Hugging (For Men)

You’ve seen the chaos that can be caused by two men who don’t know if they should hug or not.

That’s why WFME is taking time out of our weekly “Words For Your Enjoyment” tradition (it’s back next week so start sending in your ideas) to give you the most important set of rules that you will ever need when faced with such a situation. As for the ladies who are thinking this doesn’t concern them at all, think again.

You all know men. So please pass this along.

We’ve all been there before. A group of friends see each other and greet each other. Women hug women. Men hug women. Women hug children. Men hug children. Women hug teenagers and adolescents as do men. There’s never a question that a hug is the most normal thing in the world.

WFME’s Menagerie of Thoughts

I’ve always wanted to use the word menagerie in a post title.

And now that I have, I feel vindicated. I feel satisfied. I feel…complete. Did you know that you, menagerie the word, you complete me? I just wanted to let you know that if you’re out there, menagerie… Meaning, if the word menagerie is out there and is a real living, breathing word that has awareness and is reading my post as I type it…you complete me.

And that’s just one of many thoughts in today’s menagerie of thoughts.

Words For Your Enjoyment: Attention Whores

Aaah, Friday.

Is it strange that after so many Fridays over the course of our lives, this Friday is just as exciting as all the rest? Is it weird that while every other single item in our lives that repeats over and over again (another cookie, a birthday, lunchtime, the dentist, et al) gets old and boring and before long we can’t bear to experience it any longer — Friday continues to be just as exciting every single time?

It’s sort of like “Words For Your Enjoyment” — fresh, exciting, filled with 94% of all those extra vitamins and minerals you look for in starting off your weekend… And this week, is of course, no different.